The Rendlesham Forest Incident or the RFI has it has become known is without doubt Britain's most famous case. Often referred to as 'Britain's Roswell' is it now rated as one of the most famous UFO events in the world.




Due to the nature of the phenomenon itself nothing is ever straightforward and the RFI is now different. It is litered with inconsistancies, changes in some of the witness accounts over the years and especially in recent years has been marred somewhat by waring factions within the witnesses themselves however don't let that put you off what is a fantastic UFO case when you strip personalities and look at what facts are known.




Whilst there is still some confusion about the actual dates of the RFI it is generally agreed to have involved three successive nights of UFO acitivity at or near the twin bases complex of RAF BENTWATERS and RAF WOODBRIDGE. Rendlesham Forest lies between the two bases and this was the principal area of activity.


It is generally accepted that that the first night is the 25th December going into the 26th December 1980.


(Proven by a Suffolk police log entry).


The second night is generally much less well known but occurs 26th December into the morning of the 27th December 1980.


The third night is harder to conclusively prove date wise but most researchers believe it to be the night of the 27th into the morning of the 28th December 1980. 


(Some confusion about the dates exist because Lt Col Charles Halt, who wrote the famous 'Halt Memo' put another date for the first night i.e. 26th into the morning of the 27th and then gave the date he became involved as a witness himself as the 28th into the 29th December 1980).


(Larry Warren, the original military whistleblower to ne named on camera states in his book 'Left at East Gate' states that he became involved on the night of the 28th into the 29th December 1980).


Over the last three years I have been conducting a re-investigation of the entire RFI as part of the making of Capel Green, a new independent documentary on the case.


I am also writing a book on the RFI in light of that research which will be released after the documentary is released.

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