Welcome to UFO Truth Magazine, a 96 page colour        bi-monthly Ezine dedicated to people who believe     some UFO sightings do represent ET engaging with planet Earth and probably have been doing so for     thousands of years.


With improved technology there has never been a     better time to subscribe to an internet based UFO        ezine aimed at people that support the Extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH).


Whilst the UFO/UAP enigma is complex it is clear to      me that there is a non-human presence interacting      with the Earth and it acts with clear signs of intelligence.

Their origins may be inter-dimentional or multi-verse    but at its heart I believe that a proportion of sightings are extraterrestrial in origin.


With that in mind I have gathered together a number     of dedicated and well respected researchers from around the world to act as regular columnists for the magazine.


Many other notable ufologists make occasional contributions. See the columnists page for details.


By having many of the best researchers from around    the world involved I hope they will broaden the magazine’s international appeal.


UFO Truth Magazine is an Ezine for all the countries       of the world.


UFO Truth Magazine will be dedicated to bringing you   the latest UFO news and stories from around the world garnered by some of the foremost researchers in the field.


UFO Truth Magazine will present the most credible evidence in a no nonsense, non sensationalistic way    with science and common sense at its core. 


GARY HESELTINE — Founder of UFO Truth Magazine


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