Welcome to the UFO Truth Magazine Best Evidence Bank. This page caters for what I believe is the best circumstantial evidence cases from around the world that to me offers a compelling case for saying that some UFO sightings indicate an extraterrestrial presence engaging with planet Earth. This evidence is based largely on high calibre witness categories i.e. military pilots, commercial pilots, astronauts, cosmonauts, radar operators, sonar operators, observer corp, senior military officials, senior political officials, scientists and ... police officers. This section will also include as time goes on to include physical evidence, documentary evidence and trace evidence cases.


Soviet astronaut, USSR Hero Vladimir Kovalenok spent 217 days of his life living in space. The astronaut does not exclude the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. "When I was working at the Salyut orbital station, I saw something strange in a porthole one day. The object was the size of a finger. I was surprised to see it was an orbiting object," Kovalenko said at the press conference in Moscow
on Friday. 
The astronaut added he called his partner Viktor Savinykh to take a look at the unidentified object in space. "It was hard to determine the size and the speed of an object in space. That is why I can not say exactly, which size it actually was. Savinykh prepared to take a picture of it, but the UFO suddenly exploded. Only clouds of smoke were left. The object split into two interconnected pieces. It was reminiscent of a dumb-bell. I reported about it to the Mission Control immediately," the astronaut said. Vladimir Kovalenok said they had not managed to photograph the object, Interfax reports.
"The Soviet press headlined the event widely. Soviet newspapers and magazines published a lot of articles and messages about it, but they were mostly critical articles. Journalists excluded the existence of the extraterrestrial reason," Kovalenok was quoted as saying. "It was probably a UFO, but it was definitely not mysticism - two people watched it at the same time," he said. When on Earth, Kovalenok learned specialists had registered considerable radiation emission the day the astronaut saw the object. "I do not believe it when astronauts say they have never seen anything extraordinary in space," concluded Kovalenok. 



Currently there are around 2000 military pilots from around the world who have reported UFO encounters.


Currently there are around 3000 commercial pilots from around the world who reported UFO encounters.


Hundreds of radar operators have gone on the record with UFO experiences during their military or civilian ATC careers.


There are literally thousands of miitary personel from around the world who have witnesses UFOs during their service and went on to report them.



For the UK go the PRUFOS Police Database www.prufospolicedatabase.co.uk

It caters for serving and retired police officers.

The database currently stands at approximately 500 cases involving 1000 British police officers.

Police officers worldwide have experienced some incredible silghtings. In time many of these exceptional cases will be added to this page.


There are literally thousands of UFO documents worldwide. In time various major evidential documents will be loaded to this section.

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