On Duty Sightings 1901-1972


21/12/1901. 0045 hours. Location: Haworth, West Yorkshire. As two uniformed police officers,                PS JOHN JOHNSON and PC CLARK were walking along a snow covered beat in Haworth when      suddenly a green light illuminated the surrounding area. The officers looked up to the sky to see a luminous UFO shaped like a cigar pointed at both ends. The object emitted occasional flashes and sparks. They watched the object for 15 minutes as it slowly and silently moved across the night sky before disappearing into the distance. PS JOHNSON stated that the object was seen at an altitude        of 100-150 feet before gradually gaining height. Two members of the public reported seeing similar objects in Keighley and Shipley respectively. UFO CLASSIFICATION – CE1 (CLOSE ENCOUNTER    1ST KIND). On duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source – Mr Midgley via Keighley News 02/12/94.


23/03/1909. Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. Two uniformed police officer including PC M KETTLE observed a cigar shaped object above the sky over Peterborough.I can find no airship listing for          that era in Cambridgeshire so by definiion it remains a UFO. Two Officers. On duty sighting. Source: Peterborough Press.


Monday. 02/11/50. Location – Gowerton, Wales. Following a report by a member of the public of two lights traveling across the sky, DETECTIVE SERGEANT AMBROSE DAVIES, of Gowerton Police      station observed a single white ball of flame. It was much brighter than any star and after a few        seconds was seen to break into two pieces. A shower of reddish sparks were seen to the rear of the objects. The officer ruled out planets and meteors stating that there were definitely two objects in the      sky and that  they were joined by some kind of tether. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source – UFO Magazine Press Archive. 


2115 Hours. Location - Leek, Staffordshire. A police officer on plain clothes observations and two  passing civilians saw a UFO literally above their heads at the recreation ground, Burton Street, Leek, Staffordshire. The object was seen for approx 2-3 minutes at an alt of 500 feet. They described it as orange in colour prior to the object changing shape from sphere to cigar by which time it was blue. Eventually the object accelerated away at a fantastic speed in a northerly direction. Throughout        duration of the sighting the UFO made no noise whatsoever. It was a clear cold night, no wind and          the stars were visible. The sighting was reported by the officer but he was told by his Superintendent      to ‘keep his mouth shut’. The sighting was released to the press. UFO CLASSIFICATION – CE1      (CLOSE ENCOUNTER 1ST KIND). On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source: Irene Bott archive.


22/11/52. 0600 hours. Chichester, Essex. In the early hours of Saturday 22nd        November 1952 following several sightings by members of the public across East Anglia and the South West two Chichester uniformed police officers observed a UFO at 0600  hours at they went on duty. Just before the officers observed the object the entire area  was lit up like daylight. PC TONY COX said, “We thought that sparks from an electric      train must be the cause until we turned around and saw this queer thing speed across        he sky to the north-east. On duty sighting. 2 officers. Source – Sunday Dispatch      newspaper 23/11/52. Classification – Nocturnal Light (NL).



February. 0600 hours. Location – Bognor Regis, Sussex. PC WILLIAM KEATS was          cycling to work for the 6 am shift when he saw the road ahead suddenly illuminated        from behind him. He stopped and turned to see an intense white light travelling from      west to east. Upon reaching the police station two other officers from Chichester, PC HOWARD NORTH and PC TONY COX confirmed they too had seen what they described        as a ‘tadpole’ shaped UFO. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On duty    sighting.   


Evening. Summer. Location - Sussex coast. An on duty uniformed police officer PC        JOHN L CLARKE observed a bright light flying at high altitude along the Sussex coast          on a late evening summer’s sky. He estimated the size of the UFO as ¼ size of the        moon. It was first seen low from the east taking ten minutes to arrive overhead and        then a further ten minutes to disappear from view. No sound present at any time. He described the UFO as a distinct circular shape at the front with a broken and distorted      rear. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 1 Officer.      Source - John L Clarke.


September 1957. 2345 hours. Sunday. Location. Bristol Channel. Three uniformed      officers observed a red disc shaped UFO rise from the Bristol Channel. One half of the    disc was like a large harvest moon and moved out of sight towards the west. The        officers reported the sighting to Glamorgan Police HQ. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL/USO (NOCTURNAL LIGHT/UNDERWATER SURFACE OBJECT). On Duty sighting. 3 Officers. Source: Daily Telegraph 04/09/57.

November 1957. 0235 hours. Location – Cowbridge, Glamorgan. Two uniformed          officers observed a green blue UFO as it passed over South Wales. Five minutes later      two other uniformed officers saw the same object as it passed over the Rhonnda Valley.    The object was described as being delta shaped and travelling at high speed. Several civilian witnesses also observed the UFO. UFO CLASSICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL      LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 4 Officers. Source – Press  Archive.


Location – Dartmoor, Devon. 8. A senior police officer in a newspaper article confirmed    that two officers on mobile patrol had had a UFO encounter over Dartmoor. He said that    the officers had  chased the object along country roads where it was seen to stop and    hover before disappearing. The officers submitted a long report about the incident.          UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On  Duty sighting. 2 Officers.        Source: Sunday Mirror 19/08/1979.


July. Location - Charlton near Shaftesbury, Wiltshire. An on duty uniformed police          officer, PC ANTHONY PENNY reported seeing an orange coloured UFO flash across the        sky in the above location and disappear over a potato field where days later a large spherical crater measuring eight feet was found. The crater appeared from nowhere        in  in the field and within its centre was a hole three feet deep, 5-12 inches in diameter.      Radiating from the centre of the hole were four slot marks, four feet long and one foot wide. No cause could be found for the appearance of the crater or the marks found      within it. The crater was investigated by a Bomb Disposal Unit but no satisfactory explanation was ever found for it. The mystery was even mentioned in parliament on      29th July by Major Patrick Wall, Conservative MP for Haltemprice. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source - UFO Flying Saucers over    Britain by Robert Chapman. Mayflower Books. Pages 104-107.


20/02/64. 0955 hours. Location: Shoeburyness, Southend, Essex. PC 392 CROOK was      on patrol when he observed three fast moving objects in the southern sky. They were spaced in a line. The colour of the objects was off-white and their shape appeared to        be oval. They were seen above cloud height and travelling at great speed with no discernible sound. The officer forwarded a report to the Air Ministry who stated he          may have witnessed three Lightning fighter aircraft flying in formation. UFO CLASSIFICATION – DD (DAYLIGHT DISC). On duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source – Irene      Bott archive.


1500 hours. 30/11/65. Location – Warminster, Wiltshire. An on duty uniformed police officer, PC ERIC PINNOCK was on foot patrol of the Bishopstrow area of the town when      he observed a large bright silver ball shaped UFO hurtle through the sky before it disappeared over Sutton Common. He said, “It was a giant plate of light. It lit up the      whole horizon with a glare”. It was flying low over the landscape and appeared to be spinning. During the mid sixties Warminster was a haven for UFO spotters and there      were literally hundreds of sightings made in that area. UFO CLASSIFICATION  –  DD (DAYLIGHT DISC). On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source - The Warminster Mystery by     Arthur Shuttlewood. Tandem Publishing 1976. Page 139.

1954 hours. Thursday 16/12/65. Location - Chineham, Basingstoke, Hampshire. An          on duty uniformed police officer, PC J HARWOOD was speaking with a member of the    public outside the man’s home when they both observed a tadpole shaped UFO with a    large green dome on top and a flaming red tail that was two or three times the length        of the dome pass by overhead. It was seen only briefly as it sped across the sky from      south to north at an incredible speed. The object was estimated to have been four to        six feet in length. PC HARWOOD said, “The colour attracted me - green. This may have been caused by low clouds. I have never seen anything like it before”. The member            of the public, Basil Gibbons (aged 67), likened the object to a Gemini space capsule.        UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT) On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source            - The Warminster Mystery by Arthur Shuttlewood. Tandem Publishing 1976. Pages            141-142.


0410 hours. March. Location - Wilmslow, Cheshire. An on duty uniformed officer, PC      COLIN PERKS  was on foot patrol on Alderley Road in the above town when he saw a      UFO moving across the sky at   an altitude of only 30 feet and that it was only 100        yards from him. He described it as being 30 feet in diameter and as bulky as a double decker bus. He said, “There was an eerie, greenish-grey glow in the sky. Then I picked      out an object about thirty feet long and built up in three sections with the top looking      like a dustbin lid. It gave off a high pitched whine. I was paralysed. I just couldn’t        believe it.” The duration of the sighting was five minutes before it disappeared. His        police report was forwarded to the MOD who did visit him to investigate his story.          When officers visited the scene a short time after the incident the area where was          seen was covered in a fine glass like substance that dispatched after  short period.          UFO CLASSIFICATION – CE2 (CLOSE ENCOUNTER 2ND KIND). On Duty sighting. 1      Officer. Source - UFO Flying Saucers over Britain by Robert Chapman. Mayflower          Books 1999. Page 43 and PRUFOS.

September. Location – Southampton, Hampshire. Following a report from a member          of the public that a UFO was hovering motionless over the city a marked police vehicle      was sent to investigate the claim. When they arrived at the man’s address on Coxford    Road they were amazed to see the object where he had claimed it would be. They contacted Police HQ by radio and said, “He’s right. There is an object in the sky to the      west and remaining still. It keeps flashing red, white and blue lights and dropping        flares. There’s no sound of an engine and it does not appear to be an aircraft.” Inquiries with Eastleigh Airport proved negative as did those with Southampton University Air      Squadron. Calls to the Southern Meteorological Centre also proved fruitless. Eventually    the UFO disappeared at high speed  in the direction of Eastleigh. UFO CLASSIFICATION        – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source - UFO Flying Saucers        over Britain by Robert Chapman. Mayflower Books 1969. Page 43.

0300 hours. Between Potters Hill and Bristol Lulsgate Airport, Avon and Somerset. PC LESTER STENNER and a colleague were driving along a quiet road when suddenly they    saw an oval shaped UFO approximately 100 feet off the ground above the road ahead.        At the same time the object appeared the engine of the police vehicle died as did the headlights. Also the streetlamps lining the road went out. The object just appeared and remained motionless for about 10 seconds when it disappeared. As soon as the object      had gone the headlights, street lighting and engine came on. The officers described the object as being around 100 yards wide by 50 feet and made no noise whatsoever. The officers did not report the incident fearing ridicule. UFO CLASSIFICATION – CE1 (CLOSE ENCOUNTER 1ST KIND/EM). On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source: The PRUFOS Police Database.


August 1967. Location – Worthing, Sussex. Four campers reported seeing two UFOs        over Rye Bay near Worthing that were later confirmed by two uniformed police officers.    The objects moved quickly across the sky heading in a north easterly direction. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL  LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source:    Evening News 21/08/67.

July 1967. 2110 hours. Saturday. Location – Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. A member        of the public, teacher Mr Doy, reported seeing a UFO over a local school and a PC      HOLMES attended the school and confirmed the object in the sky. He then reported the sighting to his duty officer, Inspector R Street. PC HOLMES stated that the object was a bright light spinning on its own axis in a stationary position above the school. The police could not offer any explanation for the UFO. UFO CLASSIFICATION –  NL (NOCTURNAL    LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source: Nottingham Evening Post 10/07/67.

October 1967. Location - Sussex and Oxfordshire. Following reports by several          members of the public (including an RAF Wing Commander) police officers across the counties of Sussex and Oxfordshire observed a fiery cross UFO. One of them, a motor      cycle officer, PC BRYAN CAWTHORNE, observed  the UFO between Ringmer and Halland having initially thought the object to be a star. He pulled over to the side of the road          to get a better look at it and described its motion as slowly moving forward and      backwards. He definitely confirmed that the object was actually moving by lining it              up with a telegraph pole. He reported the incident to his control and was informed          that other officers had also reported seeing the object. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL      (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 3 Officers. Source: Evening News 25/10/67.

The following two sightings took place within two days of each other across the          counties of Devon and Sussex at a time when sightings of fiery cross shaped UFOs        were being widely reported in the media. October 1967 0445 hours. Wednesday.        Location – Sussex. A uniformed police officer observed a fiery cross shaped UFO.        October 1967 1600 hours. Tuesday. Location – Devon. A uniformed police officer, PC      KEITH DROUDGE observed a UFO and said of his sighting, “There is no doubt in my      mind. It was a UFO. It wasn’t a plane. We’ve seen enough planes not to be fooled like    that.” UFO CLASSIFICATION  – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT)On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source: Sunday Express 29/10/67.

0130 hours. 05/07/67. Location – Stoney Cross, New Forest, Wiltshire. Following a      report by a member of the public of an orange ball shaped UFO above Stoney Cross,      New Forest a uniformed officer, PC DAVID HOLLOWAY, was dispatched to the scene.          He corroborated the sighting of the   orange UFO that he said did a ‘loop the loop’        before heading away in the direction of Southampton. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL        (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source – FSR Vol 13 No 5.

27/08/67. Location - Between Spelsbury and Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. Two on        duty uniformed officers observed two dark oval shaped UFOs on the road between the above locations. They estimated the size of the objects as fifty feet in diameter each.          he craft disappeared in a northerly direction at a height of 600 feet. UFO      CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source - A Covert Agenda by Nick Redfern. Pocket Books 1998. Page 97.

27/08/67. Location - Glossop, Derbyshire. Six on duty uniformed police officers          observed a UFO over the town from a number of different locations. They described          the object’s movements as   ‘swinging’ from side to side. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting 6 Officers. Source - A Covert Agenda by Nick Redfern. Pocket Books 1998. Page 97.

10/08/67. 0043 hours. Location: Hindley, Wigan, Lancashire. During the early hours        two uniformed  police officers, PC LIONEL HAW and PC STEVE PARSONAGE, observed          a round shaped object in the sky that appeared to be travelling too fast to be either a comet or plane. PC HAW made a pocket notebook entry regarding the sighting. The      officers observed the object for two minutes and dismissed any notion that they had        seen a trick of the light. Chief Superintendent Tom Andrews of Wigan police confirmed      the officer’s report of the sighting. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT).       On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source – Daily Mirror 16/08/67.

October. Location – Gosport, Hampshire. Two uniformed officers PC EDNA WIELK and        PC TONY CONNELL observed a red and white coloured UFO whilst on mobile patrol in        the Little Anglesey area of Gosport. The UFO was seen above the HMS DOLPHIN      submarine base. They got out of their vehicle to watch the object which they observed      for five minutes before it moved out of sight. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source – Steve Gerrard, Southampton UFO Group (SUFOG).

Evening. 21/10/67. Location – South Shields, South Tyneside. Following a report by a member of the public, a uniformed police officer visited the family and witnessed with    them the sighting of three triangular shaped UFOs in the sky above Tyne Dock, South Shields. The objects appeared to fly in formation before and stopping and coming to          a brief hover. They departed heading off in the direction of Newcastle. The objects          were extremely bright to look at and were seen for a duration of 30 minutes. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source –          FSR Vol 14 No 2. 

0400 hours. 24/10/67. Location - A3072 between Okehampton and Holsworthy, Devon.    Two on duty uniformed police officers, PC CLIFFORD WAYCOTT and PC ROGER WILLEY      had spotted a pulsating flying cross whilst driving between the above locations. It was      seen at low altitude moving above the treetops of the surrounding countryside.          Intrigued they began to chase the UFO, however they were never able to significantly      gain on it. At times the object slowed to 50 mph and at one point came to a stop in          mid air. The pursuit involved speeds of up to 90 mph and covered a distance of 14        miles. Whenever they did gain a little ground on the object it would simply accelerate      away from them. Eventually they reduced their speed fearing an accident themselves.      The closest distance they reached to the UFO was 400 yards. At one point they stopped      at a farm to wake up the owner so they could gain some corroboration that they were      not mistaken in their sighting. At a later press conference PC WAYCOTT said, “The light wasn’t piercing but it was very bright. It was star-spangled - just like looking through        wet glass and although we reached 90 mph it accelerated away from us.” Before the      object disappeared from view they saw a second UFO that was also cross-shaped, very    bright and made no noise. Both officers were impressed by the relevant speeds of the objects as they quickly departed, especially the first one. Inquiries at nearby RAF        Chivenor proved negative. Within 48 hours numerous other witnesses began to report sightings of similar objects. A ‘fiery cross’ was witnessed above the skies of Glossop, Derbyshire by six police officers. UFO CLASSIFICATION – CE1 (CLOSE ENCOUNTER          1ST KIND). On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source - UFO Flying Saucers over Britain by Robert Chapman. Mayflower Books 1969. Pages 13-15.

0500 hours. 25/10/67. Location – Okehampton, Devon. Two uniformed officers in a        patrol car observed  a fiery cross shaped UFO above the town. One of the officers was        a police photographer but he did not have time to get a picture of the object as the duration of the sighting amounted to only a few seconds. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source – FSR Vol 14 No 2.

0205 hours. 26/10/67. Location – Okehampton, Devon. Only two days after his involvement in the famous high speed police UFO chase, PC ROGER WILLEY, observed        a similar star shaped UFO in the skies above Okehampton. It was seen to drop down        low as if to land in the area it was originally seen. The sighting was very brief lasting        only a few seconds. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting.      1 Officer. Source – FSR Vol 14 No 2.

0530 hours. Late October. Location - Bacup, Lancashire. An on duty uniformed police officer, PC BRIAN EARNSHAW heard a crackling sound coming over the station’s short      wave radio. Curious he went outside to see what might be causing the interference.      When he did so he looked up to see a cigar shaped UFO hovering 250 feet above the station. He said, “It was approximately 50 feet in length. There were portholes on the      side but there were no visible signs of propulsion. The ship appeared to be metallic        and gave off a bright glow. There was a low whirring sound coming from it.” Two other uniformed officers, PC COLIN DONAHOE and MALCOLM READER also saw the same      object from a different location in Lancashire, watching for several minutes before it        rose vertically into the sky and disappeared. Later a statement was issued by          Lancashire Police that read, “We have had UFO reports before, but nothing like this.      There has been no reasonable explanation but it was something definitely seen.”            UFO CLASSIFICATION – CE1/EM (CLOSE ENCOUNTER 1ST KIND/ELECTROMAGNETIC EFFECTS). On Duty sighting. 3 Officers. Source - UFO Flying Saucers over Britain by      Robert Chapman. Mayflower Books 1969. Page 19.

0520 hours. Late October. Location - Lancing, West Sussex. Three on duty uniformed      police officers including PC MICHAEL SANDS spotted a silver UFO above the skies          above Lancing. PC SANDS said, “It looked like a silver point of light which moved        rapidly across the sky.” UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty    sighting. 3 Officers. Source - UFO Flying Saucers over Britain by Robert Chapman. Mayflower Books 1969. Pages 19-20. 

0445 hours. 25/10/67. Location - Lewes, Sussex. Following reports by at least five        police officers the senior officer for Lewes, G .W. R. Terry called a press conference            at the Lewes Police HQ to discuss  their sightings. All the officers, each from different vantage points described the same object - a bright light travelling in a northerly        direction in total silence. These sightings along with many others made by the public      were part of a high number of similar reports in the Sussex area over a number of        days. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 5 Officers. Source - A Covert Agenda by Nick Redfern. Pocket Books 1998. Page 97.

Before Midnight. October/November 1967. Location – Sharneyford near Todmorden,      West Yorkshire. Two uniformed officers were parked up in a marked police vehicle          when they observed a bright light between their location and Stoodly Pike (local      landmark). The light was well below cloud level. Then the object rose vertically into            the sky before moving horizontally across the landscape in a side to side motion. The      object itself was described as cone shaped, similar to a Gemini space capsule. Later        the officers reported the sighting to the duty night shift Inspector. The reporting officer eventually spoke with an official from the War Office who asked him to submit an official report. This was duly completed and submitted. The officer never received any further communication about the incident. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT).        On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source – PRUFOS/CONFIDENTIAL.


Thursday 38/03/68. Evening. Location – Torquay, Devon. Two uniformed police officers        saw a UFO over Torquay. Both officers reported the sighting to senior officers. A police    spokesman said, ‘There appears to be something in the story.’ UFO CLASSIFICATION          – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source: The Sun 29/03/68.


August 1969 0430 hours. Location - Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Three uniformed          police officers, two with binoculars, observed a triangular shaped UFO with concave        sides over Mansfield General Hospital for one and half hours. It was first seen by PC      PAGE at around 0430 hours. At 0606 hours the object was seen to change colour            and disappear. A police report was sent to RAF Finningley. UFO CLASSIFICATION –            NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT)On Duty sighting. 3 Officers. Source: Newspaper  archive.

Dagenham, Surrey. 0630 hours 1969. Two uniformed police officers observed a                UFO above the Surrey Downs minutes after it had been seen over Dagenham. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source: Researcher Roy Lake.

August 5th 1969. Location – Camarthen, Wales. Two uniformed police officers were      among several civilian witnesses to a UFO seen hovering over Camarthen. Initially      spotted by several members of the public a motor cycle officer turned up at the home          of a farmer and confirmed the UFO through binoculars. It was described as being        spherical in shape and silvery in colour. Later a second officer observed the object.      Checks with the RAF proved negative. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL  (NOCTURNAL        LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source. Newspaper report posted 06/08/69.

Late evening. 10/11/69. Location – Withernsea, North Lincolnshire. A couple            observed a triangular shaped UFO as it flew low over the sky near the above named  location. The object moved closer to the vehicle they were in. Frightened they          contacted the local police and were informed that a police officer had also witnessed            the same thing. This information was confirmed by CHIEF INSPECTOR W      BARROWCLOUGH of Withernsea police who also went on to say that checks had been    made and that no aircraft had been in the area at the time of the reported sightings.      UFO CLASSIFICATION –  NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source          – FSR Vol 16 No 1.

12/09/1969. Early hours. Warrington, Cheshire. PC SYDNEY EDWARDS reported            seeing a bright pulsating UFO over Warrington describing it as like a ‘flickering’ star.          The incident was also witnessed   by Inspector ALAN MACHIN who described it as ‘big      and white with no shape at all.’ The object was seen to travel slowly across the sky          with a ‘jerky’ movement before suddenly vanishing from sight. One Officer. On duty sighting. Source: Perception Magazine (July 1969 issue). Editor – Graham Cowell.

Late Evening. November 1969. Location—Werrington, Stoke on Trent, Cheshire. A uniformed officer, PC TREVOR BLOWER was driving a marked police vehicle when he      was advised by radio to look for an unusual object heading in his direction. Moments      later he observed a ‘V’ formation of nine UFOs. There was no sound at all and they        moved at an exceptionally high speed. The officer stated the object had mother of          pearl effect with colours swirling all around each other. It was a clear night with little      cloud cover. He reported his sighting over the radio and heard another officer saying          he too had witnessed the lights. The next day he attended Leek police station with      another five officers who had witnessed the formation. Each independently gave their descriptions to a civilian male. Senior police officers later advised all the men to keep    quiet about the incident. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 6 Officers. Source—PRUFOS Police Database.


0400 hours. Tuesday 16/06/70. Location – Hampstead, London. Two Metropolitan uniformed police officers, one of whom was PC H M BISHOP, observed a bright light      whilst driving on Lyndhurst Road, Hampstead. The object was seen only briefly before disappearing from view. They continued to drive in the area until they saw three        separate lights low in the sky having turned onto Netherhall Gardens, Hampstead.          Two of the lights were ahead of a third one that seemed to be lagging behind the        others. The officers stopped their vehicle to get a better look at the objects. After        about 30 seconds and against a clear sky, each of the lights in turn disappeared from      view as if they had gone behind an invisible screen. The objects were traveling at an altitude of 100-500 feet when first seen and then at 2500 feet  by the time they        vanished. The duration of the sighting was one to two minutes. It was a warm night        with little cloud giving excellent visibility. UFO CLASSIFICATION – DD (DAYLIGHT        DISC). On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source – FSR Case Histories Supplement,          October 1970.


Location – Tynemouth, North Tyneside. A uniformed police constable based at          Tynemouth Police   station was driving a marked panda car along Tynemouth Road        when he noticed a bright circular disc hovering in the sky above Knot’s Flats. The        officer pulled over the vehicle into Oxford Street car park to get out and take a better    look at the object. He observed it for about five minutes as it hovered over the flats      before suddenly rising into the air vertically in a tremendous burst of acceleration and      out of Sight. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 1      Officer. Source: www.wearsideonline.com

2140 hours. 27/10/71. Location – Banbury, Oxfordshire. An on duty uniformed police officer, PC PERRY JACKSON, accompanied by a Cadet, WILLIAM BRYON spotted an        orange coloured UFO moving across a moonlit star filled sky near to Bratch Hill,        Banbury. It was the size of a golf ball to us. It was seen for three seconds before it      moved downwards to the ground at a 45 degree angle. Numerous members of the        public also reported sightings of the object. All the reports were collected by Banbury    police and submitted to the Ministry of Defence. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL        (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source: FSR. 

0615 hours. Late February, 1971. Location – Nuneaton, Midlands. Four uniformed      officers observed a UFO over the Nuneaton area during the early hours of the day.            PC BRIAN HEWITT of Foleshill Police station said, “We were attending a job in Lythalls      Lane when we saw a strange thing in the sky. It was  not a meteorite or anything like      that.” He described seeing three white lights in the sky over Nuneaton which were      moving at great speed heading in a westerly direction towards Birmingham. The lights      were independent of each other and appeared to be traveling in formation. He checked        with Air Traffic at Birmingham Airport and drew a blank. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT).    On Duty sighting. 4 Officers. Source – FSR Vol 17 No 2      March/April 1971.

16/08/1971. Evening. Location – Aldridge, Staffordshire. Four uniformed Staffordshire police officers which included PC LESLIE LEEK and PS OTTWELL who observed a disc    shaped UFO above the    night sky over Aldridge. PC LEEK photographed the object.        UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL  (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 5 Officers. Source        - UFO Flying Saucers over Britain by  Robert Chapman. Mayflower Books 1969. Page        45.


August. Early hours. Wed. Location - Acton, Hounslow, London. Following a report              by a member of the public to Hounslow Police station two officers inside the building      viewed the UFO with binoculars. They saw a circular UFO with black spots and its brightness increasing. It was described as being four times brighter than Venus. A spokesman for Scotland Yard confirmed the sightings. UFO CLASSIFICATION  – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 3 Officers. Source: Acton Gazette 17/08/72.

Location: Banbury, Oxfordshire. Two on duty uniformed police officers, PC PERRY      JACKSON and PC WILLIAM BRYNE saw a cigar shaped UFO that was yellow in colour.    BRYNE said, “It travelled along slowly for a few seconds, then shot off into the night          at a fantastic speed. We didn’t know what it was,  nor had we ever seen anything like          it but many reports have been made at the police station of strange lights and objects.      The MoD confirmed that numerous reports had been made to them over several weeks    but no conclusions had been reached as to their origin. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source – Irene Bott archive. 

Late evening. Thursday 14/09/72. Location – Crumlin, Monmouthshire, Wales. Following reports by several members of the public of a UFO above the village of Crumlin, several uniformed officers were sent to the scene. There they observed the object which was described by PS CLIVE WILLIAMS as an orange circle in the sky that changed its shape      to become a cone shaped UFO. The duration of the sighting was 60 minutes. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 3 Officers. Source –        FSR Vol 18 No 6.

March 1972. Late Evening. Location – Liverpool, Merseyside. Three on duty uniformed officers (one sergeant and two constables) were on patrol, in a van in Liverpool city      centre late one evening, when they observed a brightly lit UFO over the Pier Head that        is alongside of the River Mersey. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT).            On Duty sighting. 3 Officers. Source: The PRUFOS Police Database.


15/09/72. 2100 hours. Hainault, London. At 2100 hours on Thursday 15th September 1972 a uniformed police officer saw three glowing cloud like objects in the sky about Hainault in London. This sighing took place the day before an almost identical sighting took place in the same area at roughly the same time by two teenage boys. The        sightings were reported to the Air Ministry. On duty sighting. 1 officer. Source – FSR    Volume 18 Issue 6. Classification – Nocturnal Light (NL).

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