NON-HUMAN The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incidents

NON-HUMAN The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incidents: 42 Years of Denial


Released on Amazon, Non-Human, tells the hugely complicated story of Britain’s most famous case, The Rendlesham Forest Incident (RFI), which is considered by many, to be the second most famous UFO case in history, after Roswell in July 1947.


The case involved a series of bizarre incidents that took place in Rendlesham Forest, and close to the twin USAF strike bases of RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge, that occurred in late December 1980. The incident largely involved US Security police officers, who claimed to have had encounters with multiple UFOs.


With over five years of research, and three years in the writing, the author has examined virtually everything ever published, and filmed about the case, and in the process has discovered a wealth of material, that the general public have not seen, and he feels that you should be told about it.


For the first time, the whole case is minutely examined and cross-examined. There is little or no sentiment in the book, as he simply lays out the facts, and based on those facts, makes reasoned evaluations and conclusions.


Gary Heseltine is a former police detective/UFO investigator and researcher, who has used his Advanced police interviewing skills to re-investigate the case, literally from day one, after the events had taken place.


He lays out the true ‘context' around several aspects of the case, which will surprise and likely shock you. He has also interviewed new witnesses and re-interviewed many other military witnesses using his interviewing skills and has been able to retrieve compelling new testimonies from many of them.


The book seeks to challenge the existing narrative of the case, because he believes that it is fundamentally flawed, and many more of the witnesses deserve to have their voices heard.


The book blows the ‘Orfordness Lighthouse theory’ out of the water, once and for all as he highlights 17 separate UFO related incidents, that occurred over three and possibly four consecutive nights, based on the accumulated new evidence. UFO related incidents, that not only occur in the forest, but also on the twin bases, including the nuclear Weapons Storage Area at RAF Bentwaters.


Whilst most fans of the case will have heard the Colonel Halt audio tape and read his famous ‘memorandum’, Gary Heseltine also produces new documents, that he feels are relevant to the understanding of the case.


The author also makes the case, that both the military and governments of the UK and the US, have downplayed the true significance of the case, since it became known. Non-Human lays out the best evidence for the public to see collectively for the very first time.

Let the evidence fall where it falls.


With a Foreword written by Donald R. Schmitt, considered by many to be the world’s leading expert on the Roswell ‘crash’, the book runs to 500 pages (including documents and images) and is now available on Amazon in paperback only. : NON-HUMAN The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incidents


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