I have gathered some of the world's most respected UFO
researchers for the magazine. 




Bill Chalker (Australia) - Respected researcher who will provide UFO coverage from OZ.

Thiago Ticchetti (Brazil) – A columnist with AJ Gevaerd’s Brazilian UFO Magazine and highly regarded by him Thiago has recently become the latest regular columnist to the magazine.

Nick Redfern (UK/USA) - Proflific author from the UK who moved out to the States many years ago. A highly respected researcher and lecturer.

Tim Pennington (USA) - US based researcher who focussing on photographic UFO/UAP analysis.

Preston Dennett (USA) - US based researcher and  prolific author.





Alan Foster - Alan Foster has over 40 years of UFO investigation and 18 years of in depth Crop Formation research. His career encompasses over 19 years in the airline industry. He managed an airline travel operation providing commercial transport for the US Military in the UK, and then for the Mediterranean US Naval Forces,    where he was based at the Fleet HQ Naval Base in      Naples, Italy. He also worked in Aircraft Operations at an International Airport. For business, travelling and research, he has been to over 80 countries worldwide. He has studied spiritual development, meditation and metaphysics. To raise public awareness of these subjects, he regularly gives talks to community groups and professional organisations. He also gives talks at International UFO and Crop Formation Conferences throughout the year. He is on the Advisory Board of the Exopolitics Institute – Research and Education.


Dave Hodrien - Dave Hodrien is both the chairman and investigator for the Birmingham UFO Group, one of the more active groups dedicated to the subject within the UK. He has investigated hundreds of UFO sightings and  over one hundred contact cases and regularly releases detailed reports into the public domain via the group’s website. Dave has spoken at numerous conferences, appeared on television and radio, and has previously  written for UFO Matrix and Paranormal magazine. He organises monthly meetings and lectures in Birmingham and also hosts online contactee support meetings.      BUFOG website                      


Gary Heseltine - Founder and editor of the ezine.    Founder of the PRUFOS (Police Reporting UFO Sightings) Database  in 2002.


Marcus Lowth - A recent additon to our UK based team    of columnists. An author and researcher.


Ben Emlyn-Jones - New addition to the team of colunmists. Known for his work on HPANWO TV and HPANWO Radio.




AJ Gevaerd (Brazil) Editor of UFO Magazine in Brazil and widely regarded as the leading South American researcher.

Suzanne Hansen (New Zealand) Widely regarded    as New Zealand's leading researcher with decades of experience.

Sheryl Gottschall (Australia) One of Australia's leading researchers.

Preston Dennett (USA) US based author and researcher.

Tim Good (UK) - Tim is arguably Britain's most famous ufologist and was recently given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the magazine for his services to the subject. He  is highly respected around the world and the author of 12 books on UFOs.

Francisco Correa (Portugal) - The founder of the Exopolitics group in Portugal has now joined the team of international correspondents.

Steve Bassett (USA) - The foremost political UFO activist in the world.

Terje Wolfsburg (Norway) - Exopolitics Norway and an occasional contributor.

Richard Dolan (USA) - Writer, lecturer, historian. One of the leading figures in UFOLOGY.

Grant Cameron (CANADA) - Canadian researcher, author known for his presidential.ufo website.

Roberto Pinotti (Italy) - Italy's top author and researcher is an occasional contributor to the magazine.

Bernard Thouanel (France) - Respected French aviation journalist and pilot who was responsible for bringing the Cometa Report to the media.

Robert Hastings (USA) - Researcher and author of the book 'UFOs and Nukes.' 

Bob Jacobs (USA) - Famous for his involvement in the 1964 Big Sur incident.

David Cayton (England) - Respected mutilation and crop circle expert and occasional contributor to the ezine.

Pia Knudsen (Denmark) - Active researcher in Denmark and occasional contributor to the ezine.

Carl Nally and Dermot Butler (Eire) - Ireland's top UFO researchers and authors and occasional contributors.

Erich Von Daniken (Switzerland) - Legendary author of 'Chariots of the Gods' and promoting the idea of the Ancients Aliens concept.

Stanton Friedman (USA/CANADA) Until his untimely death he wrote for the magazine for two years as a regular columist. The most famous researcher of his era.

James Clarkson (USA) - Former MUFON State Director.

Chris Cogswell (USA) - Former MUFON State Director.



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