The two tours proved to be popular and a success so I am likely to announce further dates in the future. Standby for new dates in due course. GH





Tour tickets are SOLD OUT for both dates in August.


Gary Heseltine








In an unexpected development I have been approached by Forestry England, who cover the forest, who have advised me that for a fee based tour, a 12-week application process needs to be undertaken.
Having taken small groups out there in the past and with it already having a well publicized RFI route in place I did not realise that I would need to do that.
Therefore, I am forced to changed the tour dates to allow      for that 12-week notice period to Saturday 19th August and Sunday 20th August to cater for their policy.
I apologise for any inconvenience it may cause but my hands are tied in this matter.
All tickets sold to date will automatically defer to the August dates however, if you are not able to make the new dates then of course I will issue you a full refund.
Gary Heseltine 19th April 2023


Change of Inaugural Tour dates to:


Saturday 19th August 2023 at 11 am.

Sunday 20th August 2023 at 11 am.


A unique tour (duration hours)

Cost: £30 per person.


Gary Heseltine, the author of NON-HUMAN The Rendlesham Forest Incidents: 42 Years of Denial takes you on a unique tour of the    forest providing you with a running commentary as he points out significant places linked to the book’s findings along the way.


The tour includes locations and commentary on the following places of RFI interest:


Part One: The East Gate

  1. The place where the Dec 1980 RFI begins.
  2. The Airman Lori Rehfeldt pre cursor sighting.
  3. Crew Chief James Stewart F4 Phantom Dec 1979 event.
  4. Airman Michael Stacy Smith’s pre cursor sighting.
  5. Airman Steve Wagner’s pre Xmas landing event.
  6. Sgt Steffens/Airman Burroughs initial sighting.
  7. Sgt Steffens/Sgt Penniston/Airman Burroughs/Airman Cabansag sighting.
  8. Airman Lori Buoen sighting.


Part Two: Into the forest and the Staging area

  1. Airman Burroughs staging area sighting and the significant role of the spot.


LUNCH BREAK (30 minutes)


Part Three: The forest and the farmer’s field

  1. The Airman Larry Warren’s marker tree.
  2. The Lt. Col. Charles Halt’s marker tree.
  3. First night landing site as pointed out to me by Colonel Charles Halt in 2010.
  4. Col. Charles Halt’s farmer’s field farmhouse sighting.
  5. The farmer’s field and the corroborated testimony of Sergeant Adrian Bustinza and Airman Larry Warren of a second craft landing.
  6. The approximate site of the Sgt Adrian Bustinza forest line search.
  7. The approximate location of Airman Steve Longero’s forest sighting.
  8. The approximate location of Sgt Bustinza/Airman Burroughs ‘engulfed in light entity’ close encounter.


Part Four: Beyond the farmer’s field and the farmhouse

  1. The aerial sightings to the North and South.
  2. Following the path of Halt’s team, crossing the creek and where the UFO shone a beam down  close to his group as described to me by Col.      Halt to me in 2010.
  3. The granddaughter’s account of children in snow suits.


Part Five: The road near to the Foley House

  1. The Lt. Bonnie Tamplin story.
  2. Aftermath and joint military and civilian police      road blocks.


The tour concludes back at the car park.


Each person will receive a signed Tour Certificate by    the Author.


Note: These inaugural tour dates are limited to just 25 places (per tour) and the meeting place is the car park close to the East Gate Road and RAF Woodbridge.


Note: It is a ticket only event with payment online through UFO Truth Magazine (via Paypal or money transfer).


Note: There will be a Forestry England imposed car parking fee of £5 for all vehicles for the day.


Note: All vehicle parking is subject to the owner's risk.


Note: All welfare and health factors regarding the tour are undertaken at the ticket holder's individual risk.


Note: Gary Heseltine reserves the right to refuse a person the purchase of a ticket for the event.


Car park postcode: IP12 3NF

(See map below)

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