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In late November 2023 I recall telling the audience at the Czech UFO Conference in Prague about the importance of the Schumer legislation and saying that if it passed into law without redactions, that    it would have meant ‘Disclosure’ in all but name.


My ICER colleague, Francisco Correa, also a     speaker at the event, told the audience that there were moves to strip down many of the provisions contained within the proposed UAP Disclosure      Act 2023 and that he feared it would not pass        in its original form.


I, ever the optimist, hoped that it would get through without significant changes however, as    of late December, we know now that the original    64 pages of legislation has been paired down to  just 19 and almost all of the significant provisions have been removed from the final bill. Francisco, you were right.


Only 2 of the original 24 references to Non-Human intelligence has made it into the final legislation. Similarly only 2 references to ’technologies of     unknown origin’ remain and by the time you read this issue the legislation will have been signed into law by President Biden as part of the NDAA 2024 fiscal bill.


Here are some of the main things that have been removed:


Gone is the Independent Review Board which     wanted to see the disclosure of significant UAP     information and materials.


Gone is the use of ‘eminent domain’ which would have enabled the U.S. Federal Government to    take back any materials or biological evidence       of unknown or non-human origin.


Gone are improved whistleblower and witness       protections.


Gone are subpoena powers and an amnesty        provision for defence contractors and others in    possession of UAP-related materials.


So what happened?

Well, it turns out that behind the scenes powerful forces were at work by the intelligence and         defence contractors who are suspected of being involved in a decades long campaign to deny knowledge of UFO crash retrievals and reverse   engineering programs.


Four senators in particular had banded together    to strip the bill of its teeth.


The principal people involved were Senator Mike Turner, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee and Senator Mike Rogers, Chair of the House    Armed Services Committee.


They managed to persuade Senator Mitch McConnell, the house minority senate leader       and the new speaker of the house, Senator Mike      Johnson, to remove much of what would have   been one of the most significant pieces of           legislation in United States legal history.


Significantly both Turner and Rogers have received large donations from defence contractors and it is clear that they have a powerful hold over many politicians.


So what remains of the Schumer Amendment?


Whilst the final bill is a shadow of its original draft we should not dismiss things as a total disaster.  The 19 pages of legislation that are contained   within the NDAA bill centre on a request by all       relevant agencies to release information to the    National Archives for eventual release to the       public. However, it does not have legally binding provisions to compel those agencies to do so.


Therefore it is highly likely that significant           information on UAP, crash retrievals and reverse engineering programs will not be released.

The intel community have covered up these         details for decades so it is unlikely they will        voluntarily release such information, especially      as those details may indicate criminal wrongdoing.


Despite the above it should not be forgotten how  far things have changed since the pivotal New York Times article in December of 2017 with references to the secret AATIP UFO program which changed 



Whilst the intel community and defence contractors have won this battle I believe what has emerged    is something of a perfect storm for them.


The original Schumer legislation sought wide     transparency of the UAP issue and the fact         that it was ’gutted’ by the intel community and        defence contractors offers a clear contradiction      of transparency.


If there was nothing to hide about UFO/UAPs why would they try to prevent greater transparency      on the issue?


Whilst the mainstream media have been reluctant to actively cover much of the developing story,        I believe significant parts of it are keeping a      close eye on developments. Many must now be        wondering what the intel community and defence contractors are hiding?


Far from dampening the story, the culling of the Schumer legislation leaves them wide open for scrutiny and gives rise to a genuine belief that   they are hiding something significant about UAPs.


The David Grusch Problem


I believe the emergence of whistleblower David Grusch is a nightmare for the intel community     and defence contractors and despite several        attempts to downplay the impact of his testimony  at the Congressional Hearing in July 2023, no-one    has successfully tarnished his reputation.


He said at that hearing that he could give members of congress much more information but only in a secure facility, a SCIF.


Given the incredible information he gave at the hearing I find it telling as 2023 draws to an end  that he has still been prevented from doing so!

That in itself shows how hard the intel community  is trying to slow down/stall the impact of David Grusch’s allegations.


As things stand it is hoped that members of       Congress will finally get into a SCIF in mid January to read the testimony he gave to the ICIG in 2022.

Yet we are told that Grusch will not be present     and such is the classification high stakes involved, that the likes of Congressman Tim Burchett and Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna may be       prevented from speaking of what they learn.

So, the question remains, when will David Grusch be granted access to a SCIF so he can answer questions about his testimony?


I suspect that the intel community are vulnerable  at the moment and if further first-hand whistle-blowers emerge soon they may well be severely compromised.


A recent New York Times article basically      acknowledged that there was a debate to be had about the UAP issue but asked for evidence i.e.   put up or shut up. Despite the immense secrecy around the subject and the classification issues,    in essence I think they are right.


The failure of the Schumer legislation to pass      unredacted indicates that the intel community     and the Pentagon are still in control of the          legislative process. That means for the Disclosure movement to make any significant breakthrough moving forward, it will have to come from a        different source.


The emergence of David Grusch is a clear example of something out of left field, despite the fact that  the ICIG had recorded over 11 hours of testimony from him.


One thing that isn’t really appreciated is the length of his testimony to the ICIG. Eleven hours plus, is an extraordinary length of time to give evidence if there is NO SUBSTANCE to what he is saying. The fact that it was for so long indicates the gravity and specific nature of what his testimony must have been. Indeed it was deemed ‘credible and urgent’ by the ICIG. Therefore, some parts of the intel    community knew that Grusch’s testimony was in  the system and at some point was likely to emerge.


Similarly, I doubt Chuck Schumer would have      proposed his legislation without the approval of     the President in some form. The sobering language used in it which made repeated references to     Non-Human Intelligence (NHI) and the whole        64 pages had been carefully worded and crafted.


In theory this means that a breakthrough could   still come via the President himself, however, I  think that highly unlikely unless there was some kind of existential threat aspect regarding NHI.


Recently at a SOL Foundation event at Stanford University in the US, Karl Nell talked of ‘Catastrophic Disclosure’ which basically means    via an ‘unexpected’ event.


I have been saying this for a long while. The world is changing, especially technology wise i.e. smart phones mean that it is likely only a matter of time before a major UFO/UAP incident is captured on multiple independent 4/8K cameras.


Think of the Phoenix Lights incident from 1997.      If that same scenario were to happen today and with the ‘live streaming’ capability on social media    platforms and 8K video quality smart phones,       the authorities would NOT be able to control the narrative as was the case with the earlier incident.


Ufologically speaking, every few years, somewhere around the world, a significant mass witness     sighting occurs. For example, think of the Ariel School mass sighting case in Zimbabwe in 1994. Think if that incident if it were to happen now!


What is driving Disclosure in recent years?


I have felt for some time now, that behind the scenes, something is driving the ever increasing pace of the Disclosure process.


I don’t think that is a coincidence, I think        something of major importance has happened     and the public are oblivious of it.


So, as I said earlier, despite the intel community succeeding in watering down the Schumer          legislation, I think it’s possible that their victory   will be short-lived as other ‘unexpected’ events     occur.


Whether it be from first-hand legacy whistle-blowers, significant new UAP footage emerging,      a foreign nation Disclosing the existence of NHI   before the United States, or a Phoenix Lights      UAP type event taking place—all these things      risk causing panic and in effect ‘Catastrophic       Disclosure’ for the people of the Earth.


In addition, more high-level people are going   public with positive comments about NHI reality. Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet being one significant     example. His powerful endorsement of NHI in      recent months is a breath of fresh air and he can only be a major asset for the Disclosure process moving forward.


Ultimately, I believe too much has happened      over the last 6 years to put the genie back into    the bottle. Pace is gathering on many fronts, especially by the scientific community who are    now openly getting involved in serious data-    driven research which gives me belief that true   Disclosure maybe tantalizingly closer than we realise.


I have said for many years that when the pressure of water on the centre of a weakened dam becomes too much, that it will collapse very quickly and when it does we will find ourselves in a true        Disclosure World.


A world where 24/7, on every TV news channel,     in every country, everyone is talking, hour upon hour, about Non-Human Intelligence, whether it      be extraterrestrial or otherwise in origin.


That is when you will know true Disclosure has   occurred and with it the world as we have known     will never be the same.


And with that event it will represent the most      significant moment in human history.


The battle lines are drawn. Roll on 2024.


Gary Heseltine (UK) 30/12/2023





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