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The Truth Is Already Here

Welcome to UFO TRUTH MAGAZINE, a 96 page colour bi-monthly EZINE for people who believe that some UFO sightings do represent an extraterrestrial engagement with planet Earth. 

Founded by the internationally award winning British Ufologist GARY HESELTINE the magazine features articles by many of the world's leading researchers including AJ GEVAERD (Brazil), PETER ROBBINS (USA), MARY RODWELL (AUSTRALIA), SUZANNE HANSEN (NEW ZEALAND), BILL CHALKER (AUSTRALIA), PIA KNUDSEN (DENMARK), CARL NALLY & DERMOT BUTLER (Rep of Ireland), FRANCISCO CORREA (Portugal) and Dr GEMMA REGAN (Australia). 

In addition Gary has assembled some of the best of British ufologists including i.e. RICHARD D HALL, DAVID CAYTON, DAVE HODRIEN, STEVE MERA, ALAN FOSTER and BEN EMLYN-JONES. 

With guest articles by the likes of RICHARD DOLAN (USA), CHARLES HALT (USA), ROBERT HASTINGS (USA), ROBERT SALAS (USA), STEVE BASSETT (USA), TERJE WULFBERG (Norway), TIM GOOD (UK), JOHN VENTRE (USA), GRANT CAMERON (Can) and BERNARD THOUANEL (France), UFO TRUTH MAGAZINE features arguably the strongest line up of contributors to any magazine in the world of Ufology.

The magazine also features a number of regular columns i.e. UK sightings, World sightings and Space/Scienec news as well as occasional subjects of Ancient Aliens, Classic UFO documents, UFO History and many others. 

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